Contingency Management
Contingency Management is a proven treatment strategy that offers tangible rewards to reinforce healthier behaviors

Contingency Management is well-studied in the management of stimulant use disorders like cocaine use disorder and methamphetamine use disorder.

YoSUP Contingency Management Program

Who: Youth who use cocaine and/or methamphetamine or misuse prescription stimulants
How: Youth will earn chances to spin the prize wheel
Where: UCSF Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Clinic in San Franciso
When: Weekly
How Long: 12 weeks

Target Behaviors:

  1. Submit urine sample
  2. Rapid urine test negative for methamphetamine, cocaine, and Rx stimulants


Small Prizes = fidget toy
Medium Prizes = $5 Amazon gift card
Large Prize = $15 Amazon gift card

Reward Schedule:

Submit a urine sample = 1 spin

Additional Spins

1st negative test = 1 spin
2nd negative test = 1 spin
3rd negative test = 2 spins
4th negative test = 2 spins
5th negative test = 2 spins
6th negative test = 3 spins
7th negative test = 3 spins
8th negative test = 3 spins
9th negative test = 4 spins
10th negative test = 4 spins
11th negative test = 4 spins
12th negative test = 5 spins

Bonus spins 

5th consecutive negative test = 1 additional spin
10th consecutive negative test = 2 additional spins
12th consecutive negative test = 3 additional spins