How to refer a patient to YoSUP

Dear Providers,

Please note that due to overwhelming demand, we are currently unable to accept new patients to the comprehensive YoSUP Program. 

You may still refer a patient for a one-time consultation with our team. 



Who Can Refer

  • Any healthcare provider can refer a patient to YoSUP. However, some health plans require referrals to come from the patient's primary care provider. 

Accepted Insurance

We accept all types of insurance except Kaiser (we need a referral specifically from the Kaiser doctor to make this successful; email us for more information.) We accept Medi-Cal providers, except for Anthem Medi-Cal.

Via UCSF Epic/Apex

  • Place order for Ambulatory Referral to Adolescent Medicine
  • Click the "substance use" button

Via UCSF Pediatric Access Center​