What to Expect

Our program is person-centered and based on the participation of you and your loved ones.  

Before your first visit, you should have a clear understanding of why you and your family are coming to YoSUP. Our family-based approach means that family members and loved ones who play an important role in your life are welcome to participate in your care and are encouraged to join you at your appointments. But don’t worry, you will also have private one-on-one time with your clinician!  

Initial Consultation   

The goal of the initial consultation is to assess whether a substance use disorder is present and to discuss your and/or your family members' hopes and goals around substance use. 

  • Youth and family member(s) will meet with a YoSUP clinician to discuss the reason for the visit, past medical history, past psychiatric history, family history, medications, etc. 
  • Youth will meet with a YoSUP clinician for a one-on-one confidential interview and physical exam. 
  • Family member(s) will meet one-on-one with YoSUP social worker 

What to Expect After the Initial Consultation:  

  • Your clinician may prescribe Naloxone, a medication that can reverse an opioid overdose.  
  • If there are immediate safety concerns, your clinician will recommend immediate action/treatment and provide appropriate referrals.  
  • If your clinician determines that you need a higher level of care, such as intensive outpatient program (IOP), partial hospitalization program (PHP), or residential treatment, they will provide appropriate referrals.
    • You are welcome to "step down" to YoSUP when you complete higher level of care. 
  • If outpatient level of care is deemed appropriate and you and/or your family are ready to start making some changes around substance use, your clinician will make recommendations for next steps:
    • If we need more information, we will schedule a follow up consultation. 
    • If you need to start medications for treatment of your substance use disorder, we will schedule a medication initiation appointment. 
    • If we have enough information, we will schedule a YoSUP intake appointment where we will provide treatment recommendations. 

YoSUP Intake Appointment 

During this appointment, the YoSUP team will discuss diagnostic impressions and will provide comprehensive treatment recommendations. 

If you proceed with a YoSUP intake appointment, we will ask you to sign Release of Information (ROI) forms for all family member that will be involved in your care, your therapist (if you have one), your psychiatrist (if you have one), YoSUP psychiatrist, YoSUP psychotherapist, and any other parties that you want to be involved in your care.



Tips for TeleHealth Visits  

  • Youth and family member(s) should plan to log on from separate devices and each should have access to a separate private space. 
  • If separate devices are not available, youth and family member(s) should at least have access to separate private spaces