Welcome to the UCSF Youth Outpatient Substance Use Program (YoSUP). We offer a safe, secure, and supportive place for young men and women up to age 25 and their families.  

A Family-centered, Team-based Approach to Care and Treatment  

YoSUP is a family-based program that provides comprehensive assessment and outpatient treatment for individuals up to age 25 with problematic substance use and substance use disorders. We are composed of a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals who specialize in the treatment of individuals who are struggling with substance use and other mental health conditions.  

We are dedicated to providing treatment that acknowledges your strengths. We offer you a person-centered, family-based, and caring approach that supports your overall well-being. 

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to learn more about how we can help.  

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for individuals who use substances and their families, including:  

  • Education about substance use and how it affects the developing brain 
  • Diagnosis of substance use disorders  
  • Expert guidance on the interplay of substance use and other mental health conditions 
  • Medications for treatment of substance use disorders and withdrawal symptoms  
  • Urine testing program 
  • Risk reduction counseling, including Naloxone education 
  • Parent/Family guidance 
  • Referrals for individual therapy 
  • Referrals to higher levels of addiction care when appropriate (e.g., hospital-based detoxification, intensive outpatient program, residential treatment, etc.)